The Elementals

The Elementals is a place where the called come. Fire, water, air, and earth!



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    Post  Inferno on Sat May 16, 2009 2:14 am

    Ok...once again the Elementals has gotten...out of hand, or out of order or out of something! People are all lost, including me. The creator!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks to Gryffindol for this banner!^

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    Post  Josh on Sun May 24, 2009 9:40 pm

    It seems like I'm the only one understanding whats going on and I don't even play anymore.

    Here is an UPDATE!!! I have been giving updates but no one seems to read them.

    Okay, so basically Decay and Sadeith attacked the Orion and the Constellation with their ships. Sadeith came aboard the Orion and attacked Leila. When Leila wasnt dying, Sadeith used his sorcery to ressurect Serpaethia...who seemed to have some sort of amnesia. Cinthia joined Leila in the fight and managed to kill Sadeith. Rigel ordered Serpaethia to be thrown in the brig. Cinthia and Austin then leave the Orion and sneak aboard Decay's ship. Using gunpowder they blow it up just in time. But as they are swimming towards the Orion they are captured by Decay and taken aboard one of his other ships. Sapphire, goes to Decay's other ship to try to rescue them. Unfortunatly, Decay kills Austin before he can be rescued. Before Cinthia could get killed, she gets saved by an undercover soldier of Rigel's called Lypton. Cinthia and Lypton join forces with Sapphire and escape Decay's ship. An attraction develops between Lytpon and Sapphire

    Rigel goes onboard the Orion and finds Sienna, who was injured but alive. As Rigel returns to the Orion, Serpaethia escapes her cell and runs into Alyssa. Alyssa and her get in a fight. Rigel then comes to settle the fight. But before the dispute can be resolved, Decay unexpectedly shows up and stabs Rigel in the heart, killing him. Serpaethia, in a panic ends up killing Decay. Before Serpaethia can attack Alyssa and Alex, Lypton, Sapphire, and Cinitha arrive and kill Serpaethia.

    After all that death and despair, Arcturus prays to Ellonai for help and guidance since they seem to be getting nowhere and because Rigel, Austin, and many others have died. Ellonai then tells Arcturus that he and Destiny must travel through time to save her Kingdom and all the Other Kingdoms.

    And thats it.

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